Jolene Struebbe, Beautification Chair


Fall is certainly coming to North Avondale! On a recent drive around the neighborhood, I had to stop and admire these beautiful garden vignettes which celebrate all things that are beautiful in the fall. What eye-catching colors! These photographs were taken in late September and I know by the time you read this, there will be even more colorful, and maybe even spooky, celebrations of fall in our neighbors’ gardens!

3910 Winding Way, 3950 Rose Hill, 3905 Winding Way, 735 Avon Fields,  3980 Abington (to see pictures view our newsletter)

(Note: I apologize to these homeowners as we may or may not be able to have signs for the month in each of their Gardens due to the limited number of signs we have.)

VOLUNTEER HELP WANTED: Beautification fundraising team (and you don’t even have to sweat or get your fingernails dirty!)

Are you a creative type? Do you like to take on one off projects? Would you like to work with other neighbors? If so, I invite you to reach out to me at . I have a small team together, but I am looking for someone who perhaps could chair this group, plus anyone else who would like to help. I am looking for creative and fun ways to raise funds for ongoing beautification efforts, that perhaps could go beyond asking for donations and could also serve to build community. In the spring of 2021, I chaired the “before the makeover tour” of the house on Beechwood Avenue. That was a major project. But ongoing efforts do not have to be as dramatic, if you don’t want them to be. Perhaps we could have a mulch sale or a bulb sale or a flag sale or any number of things. Your creativity can expand the list. Please reach out to me if this is something you feel called to help with!

North Avondale Litter Report

Neighborhood Litter Pick Up on 10/23 from 9:45 to 12:45. Please email me at to let me know you are available to help and I will email you back instructions. I hope you can join us for some or all of the time. You can also go to Cincinnati Volunteer Events (

The Beautification Committee is currently looking for a co-chair for litter control. Contact Jolene () or Coral () to volunteer.

Interested in helping with litter? Join Adopt-a-Spot today! 

Your neighborhood Litter Chair, Coral Weigel

NANA Community Gardens

We have a need for captains of two of our small gardens, as Richard Jackson, our “gardener extraordinaire”, is retiring from his volunteer NANA gardening. We thank Richard for his long time commitment to making so many of our gardens truly beautiful .

Both gardens are planted and require some weeding in spring/summer, spreading of mulch, and perhaps a small amount of trimming spent flowers. Roundabout at Dana & Clinton Springs & Marion Triangle Southeast boarder (to view pictures go to our newsletter)

Please let us know if you are able to help beautify North Avondale in these two small gardens. Contact Judy Evans at

Saturday Work Day

We also have a big garden project renovating the Washington Triangle garden at Washington and Clinton Springs. Our garden captains here, Terri and Megan have a workday planned for 9AM on October 9 and October 23. We will be planting and mulching and I hope you can join us for some or all of the time to clean up this garden, make it ready for winter, and then wait for a beautiful surprise next spring.

Judy Evans, NANA Community Gardens

Urban Forestry Update

Urban Forestry will be planting 91 trees in North Avondale! Notification letters should be hitting mailboxes by the time you read this. Fall planting will begin soon and continue through the end of January, weather permitting. Any questions, please reach out to Marianne Prue at 513.861.9070.

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