The day was a great day. On Saturday 10/15/16 we had 40 plus volunteers from UC & our neighborhood that covered a few streets, picked up litter, cleared tires out of lots. Removed some honeysuckle in MLK Park, planted some bulbs in Seasongood Square Park and cleared out a flower bed, (mine) full of weeds.

The week before, 10/8/16, we had 100 student volunteers from UC and we concentrated on Reading and Paddock Road corridors and a few streets in the Neighborhood, North & South Fred Shuttlesworth Circle, Greenwood and a portion of the walkthrough from Mitchell to Beechwood.  Asmann Ave was covered by the students also. Some honeysuckle was removed at the hillside on Reading Road and Victory Parkway.

We owe a lot of thanks to the following volunteers, thank you for your support: Janet & Bob Banks, Nina Caporele, Nolan Dalmon, Carletta Emery, Teresa Harten, Ursula Hassel, Mary Ann Knoop, Hanne Loken Larsen & Inga Turner, Reginald Lindsey, Marvin Masterson, Regine Moulton, Wendi Wilson, Maura Wolf, Ann & Stan Wong. Also a thank you to: The Cincinnati Parks, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. ToolBank/The Grainger Foundation. Marcos Pizza provided us with good pizza both weekends.   Delivered, hot and delicious. They were generous with the discount. Let’s support their business.

See you in the neighborhood.

Emily Harten, Chair 


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