I had a conversation with the Cleanup Cincy Organization, a University of Cincinnati group. They have been a tremendous help to our community in Seasongood Square Park and Martin Luther King Park, as well as for Avondale and Paddock Hills. I will attend their January meeting so that I can hopefully arrange to have more cleanup efforts done monthly and or one big cleanup effort in the spring and one in the fall. Our involvement with this group gives us access to a large number of students who lucky for us, like us and want to come back. I’ll be sure to keep you informed

I hope you noticed this summer how beautiful the Victory Parkway and Dana Avenue Triangle was. Thank you to Richard Jackson who continues to grace our community with his love of gardening. His time and his commitment creates the beauty we reap as a community. When I met Richard, I toured his garden and loved his choice of plants, the placement of the plants and the flow of color and texture. Seeing his garden inspired me to take on my own yard.

Mary Piper also needs to be recognized for all of her work on Asmann Avenue and the beds she maintains on Victory Parkway and Dana Avenue. Mary has a love of native flowers. The native Asters burst blue in the fall and the native wildflowers burst yellow during the summer. Many native white flowers are along the Asmann Avenue flower bed. The beauty of flowers is everlasting.

Everyone, I also want you to stop and take notice of the cleanup at the Marion Avenue Triangle on the bend at Clinton Springs along the walkway.

It’s hard to think of spring already but NANA and NABA need donations for our flower pots that flank Reading Road. This program is through the Cincinnati Parks. We pay for 3 or 4 plantings per year and they maintain and plant all of the pots. Our cost has been $250.00/pot in recent years. I thank everyone who has supported the efforts in our neighborhood to keep our neighborhood Cincinnati’s Best Address, but we need new people to donate so that the responsibility doesn’t always fall on shoulders of the same people year after year.

Thank you so much for what all of you do to help our neighborhood and support beautification.

Emily Harten, ChairĀ 


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