Dear neighbors and friends,

This past week the North Avondale Neighborhood Association won at the Keep Cincinnati Beautiful event  the Golden Paintbrush Award for our Walkway Safety Enhancement and Beautification Project which also came with a $500.00 check for our fabulous neighborhood. Many thanks to NANA’s Beautification Committee, the grant writing, and project management team consisting of Emily Harten, Richard Jackson, Bridget McComas and Maura Wolf, and to the 100s of volunteers from our community, the student bodies of University of Cincinnati and Xavier University. Much appreciation goes to all of you who donated your time and made matching financial donations, especially to Richard Jackson for his $2,000 gift.  We would not have received the KCB grant nor the award without the tremendous generosity and support of our amazing community!

Together with our partners at KCB, the Tool Bank, PNC Bank, The Grainger Foundation, United Dairy Farmers, City of Cincinnati Public Services, and Grass Roots Landscaping, we dramatically improved safety and beautified three public walkways totaling over 500 feet by clearing overgrown honeysuckle, mud, ivy, litter and debris, along Clinton Springs near the new round-about and the Historic “Trolley Connector” walkway (connecting Mitchell to Beachwood). These projects and our extensive Great American Clean-ups and Parks’ Green-up Day events dramatically improve North Avondale’s image as a safe, walkable and beautiful neighborhood to live, work and play!  A tremendous thank you to all of you who make it possible for our neighborhood to win first place for the 3rd year in a row!

We also are proud to say that our Councilmember Chris Smitherman (Lenox Pl) was recognized for his litter campaign called the Golden Glove Award. In the spring of 2016 Chris took it upon himself to create some buzz around the issue of litter, and did so by introducing the #OneBagofTrash challenge-he used several social media platforms to challenge his followers to pick up one bag of trash, and challenge their followers to do the same. It took off, even garnering support from the Cincinnati Reds, FC Cincinnati and United Dairy Farmers! In fact, #OneBagofTrash has gone national with similar efforts in Connecticut, Virginia, and North Carolina! These kinds of campaigns get people thinking about litter, help drive action and change behaviors.

Again, this is why our neighborhood is such a great address. We do boast of a great community pride that is unique to us.

It’s time to get outside and bring in the spring in April. We need your help! Please volunteer for one of the events below by contacting me at .

 This year we have 3 Saturday morning events in April:

To start:

April 1st Great American Cleanup Meet at North Avondale Recreation Center at 8:30 to 8:45am to sign up then off to work with 100 plus students from UC and other volunteers to pick up litter on our main streets in & along our ” corridors”.

April 8th Cleanup we will meet at Seasongood Square Park with students from both UC & XU.  This task will be litter pick up along secondary streets. We will meet at 9:00am.

April 29th Green up Day our neighborhood park spruce up for the year. The tasks are spreading mulch, edging and weeding. We begin at 9am and are finished by noon when the pizza usually arrives.

Wear work shoes and bring your own gloves. Come out and meet new neighbors and make new friends. I want to see you too.

Emily Harten, Chair

Spring has joined us early this year! The North Avondale Beautification Committee could not be more thrilled and we are busy planning the coming year. For those new to North Avondale, we are the group that works with the Park Board on the Reading Road flower pots, maintains all of the public gardens in NA (including the beautiful gardens at Dana/Victory and the ones around Seasongood Square) and administers the NA banners. The group also picks up trash, organizes clean up days and much more!!!

All of our volunteer time is donated but we fundraise for the costs to pay Parks to maintain the flower pots and for the material costs of the gardens/banners. This is where we need help from YOU!  We are now taking donations for 2017. You can make a donation online at: and check Other and put: flower pots or you can mail a donation to:  NANA, 617 Clinton Springs Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229, ATTN:  Beautification.

Please consider helping with a tax deductible donation so we can continue making our neighborhood beautiful and adding value to YOUR property!!!  Thank you!

Beth Ewing Flower Pot Fundraising Chair


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