Thanks again to all of you that came out to support the Cleanup efforts earlier this month, 4/1 and 4/8. The park Cleanup on Saturday 4/29 at Seasongood Square Park to support Cincinnati Parks & our neighborhood parks was cancelled due to the major thunderstorms.

Thanks again to the University of Cincinnati Chi Omega sorority that came out to work the major Cleanup in North Avondale on April 1st. All 110 of them. The group was very productive, engaging in conversation and willing and ready to get to work. Litter and debris were cleared along the major roads and corridors that feed our neighborhood. We also extended into both Avondale and Paddock Hills on our Cleanup days to further assist with the awful problem of litter.

We are especially thankful that the North Avondale Recreation Center was available for our use on April 1st,  and the assistance of the staff and Blake Williams for shuttling students in the Recreation van to all of the strategic spots. All of us should stop and thank the staff for their assistance in our community health and spirit. We cannot thank you enough.

The following week, 4/8, we had a Great American Cleanup co-sponsored with UC’s Environmental Community Organization (ECO) with students from UC’s Aerospace Engineering and students and families from Xavier University for their Community Action Day.

During this Cleanup the areas of concentration were our secondary streets and our Business Corridor too. Some students helped Richard Jackson and Mary Piper with spreading mulch at their beautiful community gardens at Dana & Victory.

The neighborhood Cleanups would not be possible if Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and The ToolBank did not exist. We owe PNC Bank a kind thank you for sponsorship of free tool rental.

So, in short all of the services that I named, we owe a great deal of thanks to: Cincinnati Recreation Center, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, and The ToolBank.

The neighborhood Cleanups would also not be possible without our awesome community volunteers: Jan and Bob Banks, Nina and Mike Caporale, Carolyn Gillman, Teresa Harten, John Hassel, Bridget McComas, Jane Sillet, Ann and Stan Wong, John Jones, Marvin Masterson, J. Miles Wolf, Tyler Wolf, Hanne Larsen and Cyril with your beautiful daughter Miss Louise, Mark Schuller, Jennifer Cronk, and Karen Powell. A special thank you to Michelle Edwards of Councilmember Smitherman’s office who was a great team leader for an entire clean-up, and Tianna Brown who came from Walnut Hills to serve pizza to the students. Thank you all so much! Maura Wolf thank you for all of your help with the neighborhood Cleanups; your help was tremendous.

Thanks again to all of my family, friends and neighbors.

Emily Harten, Chair

To pay the Parks to maintain the flower pots along Reading Road, we are taking donations for 2017. Please consider helping with a tax deductible donation so we can continue making our neighborhood beautiful and adding value to YOUR property!!! You can make a donation online at: and check Other and put: flower pots or you can mail a donation in the enclosed Dues Return Envelope. Put Beautification and the amount after Directed Donation For.

Thank you!

Beth Ewing Flower Pot Fundraising Chair


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