Dear friends and neighbors,

First and foremost a HUGE thank you to the friends and family for supporting me and Maura Harten Wolf in our neighborhood Great American Cleanup at Avon Fields Golf Course on October 14.

Marvin Masterson, Janet and Bob Banks, Ann and Stan Wong, John Jones, Teresa Harten, Sarah Harten Koucky and Regine Moulton. And of course we always appreciate the support of Maura’s husband J. Miles and his photos some in this newsletter) that he shares with the rest of us……

  • Marvin Masterson, you are always at the Cleanup events and ready to grab a group and go. Thank you for the support and your leadership.
  • Janet & Bob Banks, Ann & Stan Wong on the front line signing up the students and the help unloading and loading my truck makes the job worth it.
  • Sarah Koucky and Teresa Harten, John Jones, and Regine Moulton your help working with students was tremendous and we are so appreciative of your support for the neighborhood.
  • Ron Dumas at Avon Fields Golf Course and his crew for giving us the access to the club house and ice water we owe a thank you to as well…..big time….
  • Michelle Edwards, Councilmember Christopher Smitherman’s assistant, has volunteered with our neighborhood for the 2nd time this year and did a bang up job with the UC Students.
  • Candidate Henry Frondorf was a tremendous help. Henry walked into the thicket of 150 UC Students upon their arrival, fit right in and took a good size group and went to work. Thank you to Henry and I wish him great success in his bid for council.
  • Juvenile Court came to assist with 6 eager youth that were friendly, hungry and not one grumble about the task to be done. I asked them to come back and enjoy some pizza and they did.
  • With the help of Paras Aros at Cleanup Cincy we had 150 student volunteers meet at the Avon Fields Golf Course and put them to work. What a task they completed. Many thanks to the 150 UC students that helped us cover Reading, Paddock, Asmann, Mitchell, Dana, Ledgewood and Victory Parkway.

The Police were curious and pleased beyond belief to see this event going on in our neighborhood. The District Commander and another Ranking Officer stopped by and extended a very warm thank you. The Ranking Officer extended a promise to assist in our Neighborhood Cleanups and insisted that we let them know… so District 4 and other officers will help and the fire department may be able to assist us and really make an impact on our future events.

I’m so pleased with what we got accomplished; one or two more streets were added to the plan of the day  We were overcome with UC students we did not have enough volunteers per 10 to 12 students as we were hoping to direct them but we prevailed.

I’m very appreciative of what was accomplished and to the volunteers who came out to support North Avondale.

I’m also so thankful for the support that I have received from our neighbors that could not make it to this last Cleanup. Your cards were warmly received and your support is a great reward

See you in the neighborhood,

Emily Harten, Beautification Chair 



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