Hello everyone, The Spring Thaw is underway and our days are getting longer, HURRAY! It’s time to come out of your caves. Our yards and Seasongood Square Park and our greenspaces have spring blooms getting ready to burst open to show off their spring colors.

It’s time for our yearly Great American Cleanup and the Cincinnati Parks GreenUP Day. This year I have both scheduled on April 7th.

  • Our neighborhood has access to the North Avondale Recreation Center for the Cleanup. From 8:30 to 12:30.  We may have access to the van I am waiting to hear a Yes. The Rec Center van seats 14 people which was a tremendous help last time we used the Recreation Center as home base.  Neighbors and friends we need drivers.
  • At 8:30am neighborhood volunteers arrive, sign in and get your assignment. Then get a cup of coffee before the students arrive at 9 to 9:15am. We will have the areas mapped out for each group.
  • UC Clean Up Cincy volunteers will be helping us again and we will have 150 students. Some volunteers will be assigned to the park and the remaining of the volunteers will cover North Avondale streets….
  • I do have a commitment from CPD4 to assist with any safety issues. One safety issue is the syringes/needles which were found in piles in a few areas last year. Some officers (off duty) are going to be with us on foot. Officer Hamann will be with us and will recruit some officers.

Each year there is a “Blitz”. What this means is the City of Cincinnati schedules the use of Supercans, better known as dumpsters, to be placed in the city neighborhoods on certain dates. We have not yet received the notification. This year I am working very closely with the city for the blitz schedule to coincide with our neighborhood Cleanup. I’m trying every week to get an answer. When I get word about the dumpsters you will see something out in our neighborhood communications; Facebook, Nextdoor and a news blast through NANA.

An update for everyone regarding litter…

Asmann Ave has been a constant source of problems with the litter issue and Mary Piper has been a tremendous help in this battle. I have been in contact with the city department in charge of this issue. Time and time again, Mary has picked up litter on the street and from the hillside. The school in the armory has been put on notice by the city regarding illegal dumping down the hillside.

I personally put some student housing on Dana Ave on notice. I URGED the students to call their landlord and Xavier University and complain to them about the necessity for me to pick up the trash on Dana Ave or to work with me. I picked up trash on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning from the front and back yards at 990 Dana. I will be thanking the students at 990 Dana and continue the conversation with them with a roll of trash bags in hand.

Time to get outside and enjoy the good earth and thank you everyone for your help and support in our beautiful neighborhood.

NANA needs someone to assist in the flower pots program. Beth Ewing has asked that someone assume this responsibility due to her busy busy schedule. Beth is very organized and has said that she will be very happy to show the new person what she has done, including requests for donations. Beth, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help our neighborhood in this work.

Thank you from all of us in North Avondale. See you in the garden!

Emily Harten Beautification Chair 


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