Dear Family, Neighbors and Friends,

We had a very successful day Saturday, April 7th for the Great American Cleanup and Greenup Day in Seasongood Square Park. We woke up to snow and cold temperatures and braved the cold together, I love it! There was so much accomplished that day.

All of us that began our morning setup at 8:30 were greeted with hot coffee and tasty donuts from Buskens, thanks to Edie Gaudio. We finished our work day with pizza from Marcos Pizza. This was such a great treat that all of us enjoyed made possible by Heather Herr. Heather also helped us with SignUpGenius and having her assistant help us for the day.

Heather, your gift was so kind and very thoughtful. A sincere thank you from all of us to the following partners and participants

  • 150 UC student volunteers and to the chief organizer Paras Arora along with his leadership team. They got out of bed, all of them, I was so pleased. Cleanup Cincy has been involved with our neighborhood Cleanups faithfully for the last few years. We are very thankful for their help lugging tires, LITTER removal, and spreading mulch. The crew enjoyed us and we enjoyed them as we always do.
  • Cincinnati Parks Grounds Crew on Greenup Day and Jennifer Harten for their assistance in the park. The Parks employees were great help in assisting the volunteers and Juvenile Court Youth Work Detail in spreading mulch and feeding 38 students pizza for all their hard work.
  • City of Cincinnati Department of Sanitation. We had roving trash/garbage trucks to gather all the trash gathered by volunteers, bagged and dumped. Thank you for taking all my calls seriously. Tracy Grome responded quickly to the complaints that both Maura Wolf & I had called about. Tracy and Diane Rankin responded to me twice by coming to my house picking me up and doing a neighborhood drive through. How lucky I am!!
  • North Avondale Recreations Center. Thank you Blake Williams for allowing all of us to use the building and access the van, and Kayla for happily transporting students to/from hot spots on this big day. The center was warm for all of us. Your staff was very helpful for all and courteous in their assistance.
  • Juvenile Court for sending us 3 van loads of juveniles to assist us to keep our streets clean and spread mulch.
  • Congressman Chabot’s Office for sending us a representative, Rosalind Fultz.
  • Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) and Megan Beck for stopping by to say hello and see the digs. Megan has helped me every year with all the supplies: gloves, t-shirts, water, water bottles & bottled water, and bags for trash and recycling, thanks to all KCB funders.
  • Cincinnati Police District 4 and their assistance in our safety for the day. Officer Lori Hamann gave a short talk to the students and group leaders on safety and awareness. Thank you District 4 for the reassurance for everyone’s safety on this day and every day.
  • ToolBank and PNC Bank for the foundation money for all 52 neighborhoods to rent tools for our Great American Cleanup during the month of April. The ToolBank is a treasure trove.

To all of my family and friends who came out to support the effort to stop litter and greenup the parks, I can’t say it enough, thank you for supporting me in this neighborhood endeavor.

  • My personal thanks to: Janet & Bob Banks, Scott Bauer, Christopher Bolling & Stephen Peterson, Nina Caporale, Yvonne Fender, Rosalind Fultz, Edie Gaudio, Nate Goss, Teresa Harten, Jennifer Harten, Paul Harten, Ursula Hassel, Richard Jackson, John Jones, Sara Kaufman, Sarah Koucky, Mary Piper, Wendy, Grayson & Riley Ruehlman, Dianne Wachs, Nancy Windes, Ann Wong, Maura & Miles Wolf, Tyler Wolf, Weston Wolf.

I love the support that I have received and the cards of thank you and the well wishes. I owe a lot of my thanks and appreciation to Maura Wolf. You are a tremendous help and support.

I look forward to seeing you all in our beautiful neighborhood in full bloom.

Emily Harten Beautification ChairĀ 


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