Hello everyone,

I hope that this Newsletter finds all of you well and getting ready for the fall. Halloween will be upon us soon. Fall colors make way for great hikes, drives in the country, carving pumpkins, and warm apple pie. I can smell the aroma now.

Now to some events and accomplishments in our wonderful neighborhood.

  • The week of October 1st to the 5th is the ” Blitz Week” for our neighborhood. The City program is an opportunity to get items: tires, trash, oversized items out of our public places and also if we have some large items in our big homes that are not regulation size for regular pick up.  This is the opportunity to get rid of that “junk”.  Tires stay outside of the dumpster, please stack them next to the dumpsters. There will be 2 dumpsters placed in the neighborhood, exactly where I am not sure of yet. TBA
  • The Gateway Sign for our neighborhood is off and running after at least 3 years of running around the mulberry bush, whew!! Great accomplishment for North Avondale. Maura Wolf thank you for sticking to this project and making the City keep their word. This handsome sign is currently being installed at Dana Ave and Victory Parkway. The signage is another positive and a big plus for our neighborhood. Many thanks to the North Avondale Gateway team! Pictured here are Laura Martin (City Department of Transportation and Engineering), Amy Harten, and Richard Jackson. Also on the team are: Mary Piper, Hanne Loken Larsen, and J Miles Wolf. A 2014 city grant obtained by NANA and NABA’s joint Strategic Development Committee is funding the wall.
  • Earlier this summer the 52 neighborhoods in Cincinnati were contacted by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. They asked all 52 neighborhoods to put in their request for how many flower pots does your community need. We responded and we’re given two. The 2 pots will flank each end of the Gateway Sign at Victory Parkway and Dana Ave. I am sure that the pots will overflow with a stunning bounty of color and grace.

Earlier this year we were told about the passing of Marvin Masterson, our previous North Avondale Neighborhood Association President. This was very sad news and shocking. Marvin was a gentleman and was at every neighborhood cleanup helping at my side. Marvin was a very engaging kind person. He was a great cheerleader too.

To honor Marvin and other deceased NANA Presidents, the NANA Board voted to have a memorial tree planted. The Memorial Tree will be planted in Marion Triangle and the dying tree will be removed. Hopefully in the early fall.

I have asked Jennifer Cronk to chair this ceremony and to send the details out. Charlene Morse is co-chair.

There is a flower bed in Seasongood Square Park that wants some TLC. I strongly suggest that you have a garden buddy.

Enjoy your fall everyone!

Emily Harten Beautification Chair 


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