Richard Jackson was given the Citizen’s Award from the Hamilton County Fraternal Order of Police. Lt. Chris Ruehmer from District 4 nominated him for the award. The presentation was held at the Mayerson Center in Blue Ash on May 10. He was the only non-police person to receive an award. Many awards were given out for all the great work that our police men and women do for our community. Richard was recognized for the work that he had done at the Dana/Victory Parkway Triangle. Also for taking care of the Roundabout on Dana, keeping the side walk clear of trash, honey suckle cut back and he put in the new garden at the top of Marion at Clinton Springs. When Richard started 5-6 years ago, there was so much honeysuckle (HS) one could not see through it. A major safety issue for people walking through that area. It took a lot of work to rid it of HS, the state plant of Ohio. But today, no HS! Lt. Ruehmer helped him on several occasions to have abandoned cars towed at the Triangle, 14 to date! Since 2003, The Triangle is his gift to our community. He has planted 11 trees to date and countless flowers and shrubs. Getting the North Avondale sign has been the highlight.

Editor’s Note: All one has to do is look at the pictures below and on the next page to see the amazing beauty Richard brings to our neighborhood. Thank you Richard!


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