• The Xavier students committed to working with NANA for nine consecutive Wednesday morning helping in our gardens and picking up trash! Check out the Flower pots along Reading Rd. They look great and ready for fall enjoyment! THANK YOU: Sarah Koucky, Beth Ewing, Kim Hubbard, Jolene Struebbe Jane Sillet, Janet Neidhard, Ann Wong, Teresa Harten, Jennifer Harten, Emily Harten, Tricia Renneker and Sarah Pontius Cornell Family and the Xavier students. Quick work finished up potting pansies and kale in the flower pots on Wednesday and Saturday mornings!
  • Thank you Ann Wong and our Xavier students for picking up tires and many, many bags of trash along Asmann Ave. The morning was sunny and beautiful and many hands made the task go quickly.
  • A couple of pics of the NA Rec Center Garden the XU students have been so helpful with!! Unseen in the photo are loads of Iris, daffodil, tulip and daylily bulbs. It will look beautiful in the Spring. The Rec Center staff is super appreciative.

Thank you Xavier X-Change students for your help with the beautification of our neighborhood.

Beth Ewing (Winding Way), Sarah Koucky (Rose Hill)

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