—On a beautiful Sunday evening on June 27, over 100 people gathered to view the house at 3997 Beechwood Avenue as part of the “Before the Makeover” fund raising event, hosted by Nana beautification chair, Jolene Struebbe, and sponsored by Heather Herr / CB Team Herr and Brad Lauck, property owner/Lauck properties. The event, and donations, raised approximately $2600, which will be used for future beautification projects in North Avondale.

Guests were treated to cocktails by Anjou, East Walnut Hills newest (and best!) bar as they were briefed on architectural features of the home and stories from the three families who had lived in the home in the past. We were delighted to have two sisters who grew up in the home next-door tell tales of growing up in the neighborhood in the 1950s in the 1960s as well as a woman who grew up in this exact house who shared her family stories.

We could not have pulled off this tour without the generous donation of time from 12 friends and neighbors who served as House guides. I wish to thank Aisela Allie, Tracy Connor, Wade Price, Bindy Marks Waits, Laurie Pike, Melissa Huber, Julie Hermes, Kim Hubbard, Joanna Groden, Susan Kenford, Wendi Wilson, and Nia Terry.  In addition, I would like to thank Jim Miller and Mike Huber for coordinating ticket sales. Carolyn Gillman also graciously contributed her time in researching historical house records for the tour.

This event would not have been possible without Brad Lauck saying “yes” when asked if we could use his home as a fundraiser. Thank you Brad!

In addition, we are grateful to Heather Herr /Team Herr for underwriting the cost of cocktails, allowing 100% of ticket sales to be used for NANA beautification. Thank you Heather! Jolene Struebbe donated flowers and tablescapes for the entryway and Jim Miller and Mike Huber donated water for all to enjoy on such a hot day.

Guests, as they exited, strongly requested an “After the Makeover” tour!! Stay tuned!!! And, the best is yet to be!

—The Beautification committee is pleased to announce the addition of two new volunteers: In charge of Litter, we welcome Coral Weigel, (Edge Hill Place) and overseeing our neighborhood garden plots, we welcome Judith Evans (Rose Hill Avenue). We are indebted to Laurie Pike for her previous work as our Litter/Clean up Chair and, of course, to Maura Wolf as our past Beautification Chair. (clap, clap)

—Litter Report

If you’ve noticed litter on your street or at a particular spot in North Avondale, the Beautification Committee would like to invite you to join the Adopt-a-Spot program run by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

All you need to do is pick up litter in the area you’ve chosen one day a month for one year. It doesn’t need to be a whole street, it could be a block, street corner, or part of a park. There’s no need to purchase any special equipment, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful will supply all of the materials needed to you after signing up and they’ll even install a sign at the spot recognizing your efforts.

Sign up today and help keep North Avondale beautiful!

Questions, please contact Coral at coral.a.weigel@gmail

Reading Road Cleanup

Saturday July 31 9am to 1pm

Meet at Seasongood Square Park (corner of Reading & NF Shuttlesworth)

If you have any questions about the cleanup, please contact Coral at 

—Neighborhood Garden Plots

Did you know that our neighborhood tends to about ten (10) garden plots that enhance the beauty of our neighborhood? These plots are at: Seasongood Square (and Circle); the Dana Triangle; the Dana Roundabout Circle; Marion Triangle (diagonal from the Belvedere); Washington Triangle; Asmann at Winding Way; Roundabout at Dakota & Marion; the North Avondale Sign on Clinton Springs before Dana; Kessler Memorial; and the Pamela Smitherman Memorial at the North Avondale Recreation Center. Currently there is an opportunity for you to meet other neighbors who enjoy gardening by agreeing to help care for these plots. We especially are looking for help to maintain and improve the Seasongood

Circle and the Washington Triangle garden. Please reach out to Judith Evans at if you can help!

Further news, Our OSU, Hamilton County Master Gardener Volunteer Application form has been approved to claim volunteer hours for working in our gardens.  It will be listed on

The Master Gardener Volunteer list as “North Avondale Community Gardens”.  It is the responsibility of each MGV to track their own hours and submit to OSU online each year for credit. Thanks to Ann Wong for initiating this program on behalf of our neighborhood. Please reach out to Judith Evans at if you have questions.

—Featured Garden of the Month

Welcome to the Butterfly garden of Denny Harper and Kim Hubbard at 3946 Rose Hill Ave.

Denny and Kim moved in to their North Avondale home in 2018 and Denny immediately got started creating his butterfly garden. About a decade earlier, Denny had purchased a farm in Adams County, where he was mesmerized at the biodiversity in the county and on the farm. In addition to being able to grow so many different varieties of plants on the farm, he was fascinated by the number of butterflies he saw there. He estimates there were at least a couple of 100 of different varieties of butterflies.

When planning the garden for their North Avondale home, Denny decided to re-create an environment that would serve as a host to butterflies in an urban setting. He contacted the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) and followed their guidelines regarding providing host plants, such as dill and milkweed and nectar plants, such as zinnias and butterfly weed. Other plants that the butterflies like include butterfly bushes, coneflowers and New England asters. The garden is now certified by NABA as an official butterfly garden.

The butterflies which may include swallowtails, hair streaks, checkerspot, and skippers and sulfurs begin to show up in mid July in the garden. They will remain through the fall. Creating your own butterfly garden might be something you decide to do too! Denny said after putting in the proper plants, he almost immediately noticed butterflies beginning to appear. And why does he do it? Well, to quote Denny, “butterflies are living art when you look at them”.

Flower Pots

You may have noticed that our flower pots are decked out for the hot summer. The Park Board offered us options and we have chosen to have them fill the pots with “Striped Beauty” Canna, “Dragon Wing Red” Begonia, “Lucky Lemon Glow” Lantana, “Trailing Red’ Mezoo and “SC Bewitched Green with Envy” Ipomoea. You may or may not know that NANA contracts with The Park Board to change out the pots three times a year and to keep them watered so our streets look more beautiful. In addition, we are in the process of developing a comprehensive multiyear plan for new placement of pots and new sizes of pots. Be on the lookout for these new additions and new groupings. Many thanks to Sarah Koucky for her help with this project. If you would like to donate to the purchase of new pots, please send a check to NANA earmarked for “Beautification-pots” or donate on our website.

Many thanks to Carolyn Gillman for overseeing the restoration of the broken flower pot at Red Bud and Mitchell Avenue. This pot was broken during the sewer street work and has now been replaced and planted.

—Reading Road Corridor Street Trees

We are working with Urban Forestry to replace missing trees along the Reading Road Business Corridor. We are expecting 3 new trees to be planted this fall on Reading Road, one near Barry Lane, one in front of the funeral home and one in front of 3850 Reading Road. We are also working to see if any more new trees can be planted along Reading Road between Paddock and Clinton Springs.

Please remember to reach out to Marianne Prue at to request a street tree on your property.

—Landmark Trees

We have received submissions from a few neighbors on trees they consider noteworthy. There is still time for you to nominate trees in your or a neighbor’s yard. Please send a picture, general age of the tree (if known), and why you think it is special to Jolene Struebbe at .

Jolene Struebbe, Beautification Chair



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