NANA will be co-hosting a neighborhood clean-up with XU on XU Community Action Day, March 28th from 9:30 to 11:30 am. Email Beth Ewing at for more details. Volunteers are needed and welcome! This is a very great way to help NA within a short two hour period.

Partnering Opportunity: Sponsor a Flower Pot Program

Help bring the Park Board’s extraordinary talents and beautiful work to North Avondale to create spectacular planters with 3 amazing plantings a year, watering and pruning! Please consider a charitable donation for this great opportunity!! Group donations accepted too for sponsorship.

To donate go to the NANA Website, About, Donate and check Other and write in Flower Pots.

Green Up/Clean Up Day at Martin Luther King Park, Seasongood Park and the Marion Triangle. On Saturday April 25th from 9am to noon.

  • Wear work shoes, pants and shirts and your own gloves, bring your tools if you so wish.
  • This year I have requested a porta potty. I may have to get 2, one for each park.
  • We will provide tools, garbage bags, disposable gloves, bottled water and some breakfast goodies then pizza at noon.
  • If anyone would like to make some tasty food to share, bring it.
    • If there are 2 people to go out and get some healthy breakfast goodies donated email me, along with your contact information.
  • We will have dumpster placed for the neighborhood clean up day. I requested that the dumpster be placed on Asmann Avenue, (armory side) to clean up the hillside.
    • ¬†Attire: long sleeves, long pants, work boots and gloves
  • Please pass along the date and time to everyone. Thank you, all of you that have participated/volunteered in the past.
  • Let’s keep our parks beautiful and our neighborhood too. See you in the garden!

Emily Harten


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