Rubel Property

The Port informed the NA Joint Development Steering Committee (JSDC) on May 24th that they have extended a six month purchase option on 3864 Reading to Rosemary’s Babies Co. There is criteria that needs to be met before a sale can take place. This was in opposition to the JSDC recommendation that it be awarded to Grace & Grit, a minority owned spa and self care business currently located in Silverton.

The JSDC utilized published North Avondale and City plans, development strategy documents and past neighborhood surveys to assess four applicants. Applications and pro forma financials were reviewed as part of the assessment, using criteria pulled from the above mentioned documents. The Port requested we not meet with applicants during our process.

Pursuant to a letter between the City and NANA dated December 13, 2018 “whereas the City committed to attend a NANA General Body Meeting to present on the proposed buyer and end use of this property before granting written approval for the sale of this property”, we are awaiting the City to schedule this presentation. Any immediate comments or concerns related to this purchase should be directed to City officials and City Council. As the City gives us more information on this meeting, we will pass it along.

Jeff Herr, Chair And Beth Ewing, Vice Chair, NANA and the NA JSDC


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