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September has been an exciting and awesome month 7 Star Dragons are happy to share our Accomplishments and Thank all our supporters!7


Top Row: Sierra Hix, Oscar Mathews, Jared Belmont, John Watson, Daven Gibson, Kevin Hartnell, Front Roll: Master Davis, Oshiana Warren, Layah Clark, Miranda Hartnell, Amina Issa, Briez Kelly. Earned awards yet not pictured: Morgan Mitchell, Zachary Dangerfield, Zephaniah Dangerfield, Joyclyn Tanner, Karabo Maloba.

On September 2, 2017, 15 members of the 7 Star Dragons team were honored at the 2017 PKC National Awards Banquet. Congratulations to our students for such a successful 2016-17 competition season. These students competed in various PKC rated competitions from June 2016 – June 2017 and received points for every 1-4 th place finish. The students compete with other students in seven, PKC Regions in the  USA. At the end of the season, final point standings determine the top 10 competitors and awards are presented at the National Awards  Banquet. Special Congratulations to First Place National title holders, Amina Issa (NAM), Daven Gibson (Clark Montessori), Miranda Hartnell (Sands Montessori). Our team was awarded 4th Place in team standings out of 73 teams whose wins were recorded for team standings; whereby determining the year end ratings. Awards were given to the top 5 rated teams. Without the commitment to excellence and parent participation, this accomplishment would not be possible!

Team members and Master Davis with their awards for Forms and Sparring on September 3, 2017.

On September 1-3, 2017, 10 members of the 7 Star Dragons Competition team competed at the 2017 PKC International Karate Competition in Indianapolis, Indiana. The team won an impressive 50, 1st through 4 th Place wins! Amina Issa was the top winner with 6 first place and achieved the 12 and under Weapons Grand Champion! This is a school record! The team made a lasting  impression this year at the 2017 PKC International Karate Competition!

On September 2, 2017, Mayor Cranley proclaimed, 7 Star Dragons Day! The proclamation was read and presented to our team on “7 Star Dragons Day” in the presence of all the officials, participants and spectators attending the PKC International Event. It was an honor and was received with much gratitude! Master Terrell Davis with Proclamation and 2017 3rd runner -up PKC Team Trophy.

On September 3, 2017, WCPO updated their site and added a second news story with reporter Lucy May. The following link is provided. A congratulations was placed on their Facebook page after being victorious! Thank you WCPO News for such support and recognition!


Terrell Davis


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