Adopt A Class Supply List

List for Adopt A Class – Mrs. Morton’s Kindergarten

This list consists of things needed during the school year which will not be reimbursed.

There will be 25-30 students.  Let’s also work on accumulating books for the students to have as gifts for Christmas.

  • Plastic notebook folders with pockets – 2 sets of 30 (one set for each semester).  They are used to send home materials and need to be replaced by the 2nd semester.
  • Fat pencils (John R. Green) – 8 boxes of a dozen
  • Fat crayons (John R. Green) – 2 boxes of 200 (Sargent Art) (Crayolas last longer but they are more expensive.)
  • Glue sticks – 4 boxes of 30
  • Hand sanitizer – 4 Large at Sam’s – will refill small dispensers
  • Tissues – Depending on size of boxes and need for 25 children, over about 40 weeks in the school year
  • Zip Lock bags – sandwich bags and gallon bags – 3 packages with (4 boxes in each package)
  • Snacks – goldfish, animal crackers, fruit snacks, pretzels (Large boxes)
  • Clothing – used and usable school outfits
    • girls & boys underwear & socks
    • black or navy pants
    • socks
  • Books are given for birthdays
  • Students shop on Fridays based on the past week’s behavior – Dollar store can supply jum ropes, pencils, pencil sharpeners, puzzles etc.


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