Education Committee Update – September 2014

Protect the Children Children need to know accurate Sexual Health Education information before being in a situation that can become harmful to them now and in the future. Schools in Ohio do not teach this. Most adults are uncomfortable talking about it. This lack of knowledge makes children vulnerable to abuse. The then learn about it from TV and on the streets. These are the results:

  • Families where the parents are young teens with no job training
  • A high incidence of HIV/Aids and other STDs in all popluations

We as a community can change this.  In partnership of South Avondale school, ACDC, and NANA’s WeTHRIVE! committee we have available the tools that can be used to provide this informaiton:

  • A 12 lesson curriculum that can be taught by someone trained to do it.
  • A person available to teach and train the curriculum.
  • Informaiton for parnes to teach all ages and support the curriculum.
  • Mamie Harris is willing to train parents to tach their children and other parents.  Individuals and groups that would like to help children have a better future by sharing this message, please contact Pauline Daly, 751-8334.

This committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 1:30pm at district 4.


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