The focus of our committee is to look at education and rental housing, our neighborhood, and the total community and how each affects the other.

Who are our neighbors? What is the Mayor’s Hand Up Initiative? Facts on poverty:

  • One in 4 Cincinnatians fall below the poverty line.
  • The city’s poverty rate is almost 2 times the national average, with 71,000 people living in poverty.
  • Cincinnati’s child poverty rate is 53%, the 2nd worst in the nation.

The goal of the Mayor’s Hand-Up Initiative is to reduce Cincinnati’s poverty rate by 5% over the next 4 years.

There are areas in North Avondale that have a high poverty rate mixed with single family and multi-family homes. Many buildings and/or tenants are subsidized by the government. During the recent recession owners of buildings who were not financially secure often walked away from their landlord responsibilities. Basic maintenance in these buildings was not done.

The Avondale Community Council worked with the city to bring in a developer with experience in what needed to be done. They received a grant to rehabilitate five apartment buildings and to work with the tenants as well as develop other areas in Avondale. Much of the construction seen along Reading Road is the result.

On June 13, 2015 at 9:00am, a walking tour of the Avondale Choice Neighborhood (ACN) developments will take place. If you would like to join in the walk, meet at Gabriel’s Place, 3618 Reading Road. The tour will last for 1 hour.

Building on our original goal, the purpose of the committee will be informational – making the connection between rental housing, education, poverty, and other social and medical problems that communities/neighborhoods experience.
These problems are everywhere but more recognized where there are less resources.

We need to learn to talk about them if we want to make a change.

Pauline Daly 751.8334


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