Great American Cleanup and the Cincinnati Parks GreenUP Day April 7th

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It’s time for our yearly Great American Cleanup and the Cincinnati Parks GreenUP Day. This year I have both scheduled on April 7th.

  • Our neighborhood has access to the North Avondale Recreation Center for the Cleanup. From 8:30 to 12:30.  We may have access to the van I am waiting to hear a Yes. The Rec Center van seats 14 people which was a tremendous help last time we used the Recreation Center as home base.  Neighbors and friends we need drivers.
  • At 8:30am neighborhood volunteers arrive, sign in and get your assignment. Then get a cup of coffee before the students arrive at 9 to 9:15am. We will have the areas mapped out for each group.
  • UC Clean Up Cincy volunteers will be helping us again and we will have 150 students. Some volunteers will be assigned to the park and the remaining of the volunteers will cover North Avondale streets….
  • I do have a commitment from CPD4 to assist with any safety issues. One safety issue is the syringes/needles which were found in piles in a few areas last year. Some officers (off duty) are going to be with us on foot. Officer Hamann will be with us and will recruit some officers.