Flint Michigan Water

By now most people have heard about the travesty that has/is occurring in Flint, Michigan. It is unconscionable that elected officials allowed the situation to develop.

Summary: In order to save money, in 2014, the City Council of Flint, Michigan approved the switch from residents of Flint receiving their water from Detroit sources. Instead the water source would be the Flint River. Using the Flint River as its water source meant that there would NOT be corrosion control treatment for lead and copper. Once the switch was made, residents began complaining about the odor, color and taste of the water, but the city officials assured them that the water was safe to use. In 2015, the story broke that the water was contaminated with lead. The residents (65% African American, 42% residents living in poverty) had already had a year of exposure to this contaminated water. Most seriously of all, children had been exposed to irreparable illnesses and health conditions.

A response from the Cincinnati Health Commissioner, Dr. Noble Maseru, as to the possibility that anything resembling what happened in Flint happening in Cincinnati: Citizens in Cincinnati are fortunate to have super clean water and a state of the art water purification plant. Cincinnati Water Works monitors the water daily. The Metropolitan Sewer Department is responsible for infrastructure maintenance. It operates under a federal government consent decree to upgrade the sewer and water delivery for Greater Cincinnati.

For those wanting more information on the situation in Flint: of particular note is:

“High Lead at Three Residences in Flint, Michigan” – Final Report (Nov 4, 2015)[28 pages] – by Miguel Del Toral –

Virginia Tech researchers have a website –

Kimya Moyo (Health Department Liaison)


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