Yoga is offered first and third Sunday morning at 10 am at Full Spectrum Health Center at Reading Rd and Clinton Springs.  $10/class proceeds go to neighborhood school or youth programs.  Over 10 years we’ve donated $15,000!

Teresa Harten, Chair

November ushers in the flu and cold season.

  • The most effective healthy habit to ward off the flu and a cold is to wash hands thoroughly and frequently – wash for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use sanitized wipes to clean areas that you touch frequently.
  • It is better to eat pre-wrapped treats or individually cut pieces of foods rather than open foods from which people can select.
  • Wipe off the outside of containers or bottles that are touched by several hands before you drink or eat from them.
  • Change or clean your home air filters regularly to prevent dust and dirt from circulating into the air.

Dr. Marilyn Crumption has been selected as the Interim Health Commissioner after Dr. Odell Owens left this position in October.  The Cincinnati Board of Health has two new Board members:  Dr. Chris Lewis and Mr. Ronald Robinson.

November is American Diabetes Month highlighting the fact that 29 million Americans suffer with diabetes.  That is 1 in every 11 people have diabetes.

Dr. Kimya Moyo (Health Department Liaison)


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