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Mental Health:  Part 2 of Summer 2018

There are many dimensions to health (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental).  Our common focus is on our physical health and we demonstrate that through regular doctor visits.  We check each other’s emotional health when we plaster “Keep Calm” emoji as responses to anger.  Many of our churches, temples, mosques and synagogues satisfy our spiritual health.  The mental aspect of our health is the one that needs the most tending to and is the one that society has confirmed “untouchable”.  With each passing day it becomes more and more clear that mental health must be on the table and open for discussion in every home and organization.  Poor mental health is not discriminatory.  It rears it head in every family regardless of race, creed, religion or color.  Because most of us are unconscious of the effects of events in our childhood, we had the experience and we kept moving. Because the experience may not have been checked, it found a hiding place and decided to grow and cause havoc throughout our life (most times the source of the havoc is unknown.)  If it never got the needed attention, it developed a pattern and appeared periodically. The consequences of unattended mental health cross the entire spectrum – from “no effect” to the “most tragic effects (suicide, homicide,…)

Many times receiving adequate healthcare means navigating disjointed resources and systems. Receiving professional mental health services can mean travelling to a facility that may be separate from facilities that address traditional concerns (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.). Sometimes you might travel from one end of the city to the other end. It is easy to avoid the hassle and just not go. The Cincinnati Health Department wishes to reduce the barriers that prevent us from accessing the care we need. The Health Department recognizes mental health as of equal value to physical health. Therefore there are four Health Centers which provide behavioral health services alongside traditional health services: Northside, North Fairmount, Braxton Cann, and Elm Street. Utilize the services!

Kimya Moyo, Health Liaison


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