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This Message from the Chair of the Board of the Health Department of the City of Cincinnati, Phil Lichtenstien  from HealthMatters, the Cincinnati Health Department newsletter, October, 2018.

Your vote November 6th can make a difference not only in Ohio, but also in the United States.

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare or the ACA) is in danger of being dismantled and you, your family and loved ones could lose healthcare coverage and the ability to prevent disease and stay healthy. If changes to or the dismantling of the ACA is successful, your pre-existing conditions will no longer be covered. This also means that the healthcare costs will skyrocket!

Your children and grandchildren will lose their healthcare because of the increasing cuts in the Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Women’s Health Care and the choices they select to keep them healthy are at RISK of being eliminated through cuts in Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and changes in the Supreme Court.

If you are using a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC – Cincinnati Health Department) as your primary place for receiving healthcare, those facilities are facing drastic cuts in the services provided.  Access to quality health is at risk.

Voting is a constitutional right and privilege that Americans fought to have.  It’s best to make use of that right while you still can.

Kimya Moyo, Health Liaison


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