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One thing that is occurring more frequently with seasonal rains and high winds is the unexpected falling of trees. Many times, the trees in our own yards or trees in close proximity to our homes are old, damaged trees. The age of the tree, saturated ground and high winds can cause whole trees to split and limbs to break and fly randomly around. Sometimes the tree is not even aged; the rain and wind can cause it to split. You are lucky if a tree falls and it doesn’t fall on your house or your neighbor’s house or on you or any passerby. But many times, the tree just lay there in the yard or in the street, blocking traffic. Or it brings power lines down. So, how can we stay safe when trees fall?

If a tree falls,

  1. Make sure everyone is safe.
  2. Assess the area for dangerous situations (downed power lines)
  3. If lines are down, call Duke Energy (1-800-544-6900)
  4. Stay away from the wires until Duke addresses the situation.
  5. If a tree is blocking your exit from the house, call 911.
  6. If there is roof damage, cover those items in the house that can be damaged by moisture; secure valuables, lock doors and exit the house.
  7. Call a certified arborist who can determine the next steps.
  8. Call your insurance company.
  9. If the tree punctured the house, you may need to call a contractor for repair so that your home is waterproof and livable.
  10. If a healthy tree falls during a storm from “natural causes”, whoever has the damage will pay for it. If a tree was dead or dying or you have been informed that the tree was in poor health, YOU are responsible for the damage.

Trees can be a large liability right there on your property waiting silently for the right storm. Protect yourself. Get the trees in your yard checked annually to determine its health and to help you make a decision as to whether to get it cut or not. Maybe, pruning is a solution.


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Kimya Moyo, Health Liaison

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