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Cincinnati has opened up; great news for businesses and the economy, yet not without managed concern. The goal is not to move backwards and find ourselves within the strong arms of COVID again. The best way to protect ourselves is to continue to practice social distancing and to make it such a habit that it is done unconsciously. Just as when we get into a car, we automatically put on the seatbelt, we must do the same with our masks and gloves and distancing behaviors of arm bumping and hand washing. It is heartbreaking to watch TV and hear about the stories of people of all ages who have succumbed to this virus.  Let us do our part to make sure the stories end.

“Reopening Ohio is a risk, but it’s also a risk if you don’t move forward. We’re on a dangerous road that has never been traveled before in Ohio and the danger is that we relax and stop taking precautions,” DeWine said.

Nevertheless, the Health Department is still alive and well, performing its duties to the city which appear to be more critical during this pandemic. All health centers are open to receive patients and to give medical treatment and advice.

The Health Commissioner, Dr. Melba Moore, has expanded responsibilities due to the coronavirus. She is focusing all her time on managing the city’s response to the COVID pandemic. And she has been assigned by Governor DeWine to lead the State of Ohio Ethnic Data and Research Committee. Meanwhile, the day-to-day operations of the Cincinnati Health Department will be handled by the Assistant Health Commissioner, Dominic Hopson. Don’t fret, health services continue for Cincinnati.

Kimya Moyo, Health Liaison


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