Every year since 2006, the Cincinnati City Council has asked the Cincinnati Health Department (CHD) to make deep cuts to its budget.  This year is no different.  CHD has been told to make a 10% cut.  That translates into $1.7 million.  Therefore, the  department is looking at eliminating the Community Nursing Home Health Program that has led to reducing the infant mortality rate from 13.6 in 2006 to 7.9 in 2015!  Another consideration the CHD is making is to close the Braxton-Cann Health Center in Madisonville – an area where the health center is the only health care option located within the heart of the community that is available to the residents. CHD has been asked to join the fight to combat Cincinnati’s opiate addiction epidemic – another project which cannot move forward given the budget cuts. The health care services provided by CHD cannot continue without proper funding. Remember the CHD turns no one away who needs health services – despite one’s ability to pay.  Thus, it is simply unacceptable to have to even consider closing a health center especially one that exists in a healthcare desert. It is simply unacceptable to consider eliminating a home visitation program whose work saves babies.  A basic tenet of American values is caring for those who are unable to provide for themselves.  Continuous reduction of general fund dollars to the CHD makes it impossible to live up to that treasured value.  If any resident of North Avondale finds it in their heart to support the CHD, please join the fight. Consider contacting city council members via letter writing or attending the budget hearings and expressing your concerns. The budget hearings will be held in various neighborhoods in April and May.  Anyone with questions, feel free to contact me at .

Kimya Moyo, Health Department Liaison


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