A plethora of evidence exists that correlates positive mental health with overall health. Getting enough sleep impacts how you feel. Centurions state how good sleep and eating healthy foods expanded their life and impacts how they perform during the day. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Summer is arriving and the desire to be outdoors is a natural impulse. The city of Cincinnati sponsors many outdoor festivals and supports weekly events at Fountain Square throughout the summer. The Cincinnati Health Department inspects each food service booth at outdoor events ensuring food protection, time and temperature requirements, employee hygiene, cleaning/sanitizing of equipment and utensils, waste disposal, pest control and overall maintenance so that you can enjoy the event and feel safe eating and purchasing the food.

Weather Watch

A watch means a weather event is possible. A warning means the event has been sighted by weather radar and there is eminent danger to life and property.  Moving into summer with unpredictable weather patterns, as we have been experiencing over the past few years, means being alert and prepared for weather emergencies.  Every family should identify a safe place in the home (basement, closet or interior room on the lowest floor with no windows).  If there is no time to get to the lowest floor, go to a hallway in the center of the building.  High winds are dangerous.  Cut back diseased tree limbs and store and secure lawn furniture, trashcans, and hanging plants.  Make emergency kits (flashlights, batteries, emergency contact information, medication lists, cell phone, chargers, extra cash, credit cards, important documents).  Given the flood of 2016 that some of us experienced, make sure to keep valuables off the basement floor where water can invade.

Let’s avoid disasters that we can proactively work to prevent.

Enjoy your summer!

(Most of this information came from the Cincinnati Health Department’s May 2017 newsletter)

Kimya Moyo, Health Department Liaison 


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