August and September of every year represent the start of school.   As it is the beginning of a new academic year for children, it should also be viewed as the beginning of a new health year for all.  So to get off on the right foot, do the following:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatrician. Make this an ANNUAL event.
  2. Ask about vision screening so if glasses are needed, they can be gotten early in the year. Children can’t succeed in school if their vision is impaired and sometimes poor vision is the cause of school failure and we are unaware that the eyes are the culprit!
  3. Check with the school about requirements to participate in the school sports program. Many programs require physical exams.
  4. Pull out the vaccination records and make sure your children are current on all required vaccinations.
  5. The start of a new year is a good time to teach and reinforce basic safety procedures like covering coughs and proper and frequent hand washing.

Additionally there is a free patient education tool called Myhealthfinder (  It is a personalized online tool that provides preventive practices and services based on your age, sex and pregnancy status in both English and Spanish.  Use it and get the preventive services you need to stay healthy.  Use it also to augment your conversations with your doctor or health practitioner.

All services listed above are available through Cincinnati’s health centers.

Have a Good start to the new school year!

Kimya Moyo, Health Department Liaison


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