Join the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition on Saturday, November 18 from 9-12 pm at the Norwood High School in a conversation that will address the current opioid crisis in our area.  “From Voice to Action” will present a forum where you can network, connect, brainstorm, educate and share methods and strategies to deal with an epidemic that is facing everyone either directly or indirectly. Share this information with others.

The last week in October was National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. Even though October is over, it is important to be aware of the dangers of lead. The Cincinnati Health Department recommends that children be tested for exposure to lead.  Lead is found in homes built before 1978. The paint, dust and soil found in these old buildings can affect the brain and central nervous system. The exposure can result from contaminated drinking water and lead in soil. Unfortunately lead exposure can occur with no obvious symptoms. Only a blood test can confirm its presence. As of today, there are no safe blood levels in children and low levels of lead in the blood can affect a child’s attention span and academic achievement. Once a child has been exposed to lead, it cannot be reversed. Therefore, it is important to reduce the potential for a child’s exposure to lead.

  1. Keep your home clean. Contaminated dust is a carrier.
  2. Frequently wash a child’s toys and teach children about frequent and correct hand washing procedures.
  1. Avoid tracking contaminated dust inside your home. A “no shoes policy” will leave outside dust at the doorstep.
  2. Get your child tested. Ohio law requires that children ages 1 and 2 be tested.
  3. Any drinking water that leaves the Greater Cincinnati Water Works treatment plants or water mains is safe drinking water. However, lead exposure is possible when water travels through lead service lines, leaded solder or older brass plumbing fixtures and faucets.  You can get a free lead test kit by going to or calling 513 651-LEAD.

Dr. Kimya Moyo (Health Department Liaison)


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