It has been reported that Hamilton County is “ground zero” in the heroin epidemic, the No. 1 County in the No. 1 state for overdoses. This is serious and affects every person. The Cincinnati Health Department is in discussions to partner with firefighters and police officers to fight the crisis.  Talks are still being held but it is possible that the health department can relieve first responders to allow them to return to law enforcement and fire fighting. Once Narcan has been administered, the health professionals can step in and provide needed health care, allowing the police and fire officers to move on. If this becomes a reality, it would provide a great model for other cities showing coordination among city agencies to combat this devastating issue.


The Cincinnati Health Department school-based health centers provide the following services to the community:  heath screenings, flu vaccinations, eye exams, primary medical care, mental/behavioral health care, dental/oral health care, health education, substance abuse counseling, case management and nutrition education.  There are 13 school-based health centers in Cincinnati:  Aiken, Academy of World Languages, Roll Hill, Ethel Taylor, Oyler, Taft High, Children’s Home/Shroder, West High, Dater High, Riverview East, Mt. Airy, JP Parker, Roberts Academy, Withrow.

Kimya Moyo, Health Department Liaison


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