Street Captains Needed: A street captain gathers and documents contact information for neighbors on their street to facilitate communication among neighbors for crime prevention concerns (e.g., watching neighbors houses while their away, reporting suspicious behavior), or in the event of an emergency. If your street is not listed and you would like to be a street captain or a participant, please contact Carolyn at . We currently have Street Captains for the following: Ardmore ▪ Avon Fields Ave ▪ Avon Fields Ln ▪ Avondale ▪ Beechwood ▪ Betula ▪ Burton Woods ▪ Camden  ▪ Clinton Springs  ▪ Dickson ▪ Glencross ▪ Eaton ▪ Lenox Pl ▪ Leyman ▪ Redway ▪ Red Bud Ave ▪ Red Bud Pl ▪ Rose Hill ▪ Spring House ▪  Sturgis  ▪ Valley ▪ Winding Way


Carolyn Gillman



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