882 Clinton Springs was inspected by the Police and City Solicitor, there were many property code violations occurring on this property, i.e. water damage and poor living conditions. They were given 30 days to repair these damages, if they don’t repair. This building will be shut down.

Keep an eye out:

White Ford 150 Pick up truck. Person dumping furniture and other items on Fred Shuttleworth. If you see this truck please try to get the license plate and contact Officer Hill 569.8678.

Traffic Studies for North Avondale

The intersection of Clinton Springs & Reading will be retimed as part of retiming the Reading Road corridor that is scheduled to be performed in the next 1-2 years. Currently, the intersection becomes congested if the exclusive pedestrian phase for crossing the north leg of Reading is called on a regular basis. The exclusive pedestrian phase provides a safe crossing for pedestrians crossing Reading Road.

The intersection of Red Bud Avenue and Mitchell Avenue has advance flashing warning lights that flash prior to the traffic signal. Trees that were blocking the advance flashing warning lights were trimmed by Urban Forestry.

The Department of Transportation and Engineering (DOTE) has been awarded $500,000 from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Safety Program for the Citywide High Crash Curve Project. The project locations include East Mitchell @ Red Bud; West Fork Rd from Montana to Todd Ave; Central Pkwy@ Brighton Pl; and Faraday Road from President to Cass. DOTE will coordinate with ODOT on the schedule and with DOTE’s Street Rehab program. We anticipate the Citywide High Crash Curve Project to be completed this calendar year.

The reports for speeding on Winding Way and Rose Hill have been referred to the CPD for enforcement.

Dirk Pastoor & Carolyn Gillman, Co-Chairs


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