Law & Safety

Neighborhood Updates:

  • The burnt-out shell of the white Nissan near 680 Dana can’t be removed until COVID is over per Officer Hill.
  • There was an individual residing at the 700 block on Clinton Springs, house was raided by police last month, one individual was arrested and charged with Fentanyl use and possession + trafficking.
  • Also, was a drug transaction in late AprilĀ — not connected with the above property, but across the street — this resulted in a Heroin bust after a short car and foot chase ending up on Washington Ave.
  • 882 Clinton Springs is still under many code violations. This is an ongoing problem and is being addressed but it will take some time. Not necessarily residents from there but as of this past week I’ve seen activity which looks a lot like drugs are at the heart of it. Especially a skinny white female (late 20s to mid 30s) who will walk around the corner of Mitchell (also Rose Hill), pace, and eventually a car swings by, transfer takes place, and off they go. The place itself is still a mess. This morning an elderly gentleman from there stood two feet off the curb on Mitchell with coffee cup in hand and had cars move over to avoid. Lots of garbage and junk sitting alongside the place — we’ll see how much finds its way curbside for pickup.
  • 887 Clinton Springs The burned down house is now considered a public nuisance and the city is currently working on a timeline for what’s to take place next.
  • Missing signs at the entrance of Rose Hill near the Belvedere has been ordered. Also North Avondale sign that is down at the Dana Triangle has been reported to re-install.

Carolyn Gillman & Dirk Pastoor, Co-Chairs


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