• Clinton Springs & E. Mitchell Intersection Update:

This intersection is now an all stop. This was implemented since drivers were not yielding to pedestrians. The city will be installing a message board indicating a road pattern change and they will also be painting the street near the stop sign @ Clinton Springsā€¦STOP.

  • E. Mitchell (near Red Bud Ave) Update:

The city has installed a yellow flashing arrow sign near the curve going west on E. Mitchell, to try to slow down drivers. At this same location, DOTE will be installing a High Friction Surface Treatment. This is a safety-first pavement treatment intended to restore and maintain pavement friction to reduce crashes. It is a thin layer of high-quality polish-resistant aggregate bonded to the pavement surface with polymer resin binder.

Plans are to begin the installation on 6/7 and to be finished 6/11. Of course, this is weather permitting.

  • The Planter on Red Bud Ave Update:

The repair work on the planter will be completed at the end of May and re-installed in June.

Carolyn Gillman, Chair



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