On September 16, 2015, the Law and Public Safety Subcommittee met with Captain Maris Herold, Officer Lori Hamann and Cincinnati Assistant City Solicitor, Mark Manning to discuss 3652 Reading Road, the Entowne property which falls under the legal threshold of the top 5 city-wide worst chronic nuisance properties. Mr. Manning advised that the city is in litigation with the owners of 3652 Reading. The litigation involves the Reading Road location and few other properties. It is about time this has happened as Michelle Baxter and vigilant residents have been working on chronic problems with this property since before January 2007 when the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance went into effect.

Baxter and Charlene Morse attended meetings at the City, County, State & Federal levels. The goal was for higher housing quality standards and to make HUD hold their landlords liable for criminal behavior that occurs in and around their properties. Subsequently the Law and Public Safety Subcommittee participated in a meeting with staff members in Congressman Chabot’s Office to again discuss engaging HUD to assist with addressing these problem property issues. Michelle has continued to advocate to protect, preserve and enforce the laws on the books to prevent the crime plaguing the residents and victims that live in and around these buildings. Safety is our number one priority living within the urban core and it is about time the resources available to us through the laws and ordinances are enforced.

  • The next committee meeting is Wednesday, October 14th at 6:30 pm at the Recreation Center. The meeting will not be long. Let me know if you can attend.

Michelle Baxter & Marvin Masterson 


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