Safety Tips From The Police

In a document showing burglary rates for North Avondale from 2013-2016, a pattern was noticed that every year, the rate of burglaries increase in November. Recognizing this trend, CPD wants to try to reduce or prevent the increase this year. We need community support to get this accomplished., so please help get this word out. Next are tips to target harden residences. The best medicine is prevention. It is more effective to reach out to citizens to address the soft spots that burglars look for to commit a crime than it is to anticipate the mindset and behavior of a burglar looking for an opportunity to commit a crime.

Target hardening:

  • Surveillance – the ability for people to see and be seen by day and night. This includes cutting back greenery that provides cover for someone to sneak around an exterior of a property. Having cameras, alarm systems
  • Lighting – interior and exterior. Set timers to turn on lighting when it begins to get dark. Light up the exterior of the property so that neighbors and passersby can see any activity that is happening. Motion sensor lights are very effective as well.
  • Physical security – locks, hardware, and structural elements. Lock your doors and windows, even when you are home! Don’t hide extra keys outside of your house. Don’t leave objects out for someone to climb and access a window. Replacing screws in the frame around the lock with longer screws make it much harder for anyone to kick in a door. Here is a link showing how using 3-4 inch screws vs 1-1.5 inch screws can increase security of a home:
  • Evidence of Activity – provide a sense of occupancy at all times. Burglars monitor activity. They will look for an opportunity when there is not likely to be confrontation from a resident.
  • To help first responders, put large reflective numbers on your house to indicate your address. It helps us when we can easily identify an address.
  • Report all suspicious activity without delay. Have the number to Emergency Communications Sections saved in your cell phone or written by your landline. 513.765.1212. Call me for follow up. Communication is key. 513.569.8679
  • Here is a website to check out with additional tips:

District Four will be monitoring reports and stats so that if a spike begins, we can quickly address it. I, along with Detective Hatcher who is the investigator for North Avondale, have spoken to Captain Mack in regards anticipating this increase.  Captain Mack has stated that if a spike is identified, a response that includes directed patrols and additional police visibility will be implemented.

PO Lori Hamann P417, Neighborhood Liaison Officer, Corryville/North Avondale/Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati Police District Four,


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