Cincinnati Neighborhood Games

Hi neighbors, For the last few months you have seen a clip in the NANA News about the Cincy Neighborhood Games. You’re probably wondering what this is. Cincinnati has 52 distinct neighborhoods recognized by the City.

Cincy Neighborhood Games puts neighborhood neighborhood against neighborhood with a Olympic style games competition to see which neighborhood comes away with the most gold medals. OK, don’t panic. These are family friendly, fun, competitive activities such as tug of war, balloon toss, Cincinnati trivia, ping pong, 3-legged sack races, etc. And it’s all free! Most events will have 2 categories – Youth (ages 7 – 13) and adult (ages 13 and over).

There will be qualifying events in each neighborhood to determine which neighborhood team will compete against the other neighborhood teams for the gold. Qualifying events will be held March through June and the actual Cincy Neighborhood Games will be held July

9 – 16. There will be opening ceremonies where all the neighborhood competitors march into the (Olympic) arena together with the North Avondale banner flying high. We will all have matching uniforms (shirts) to identify our neighborhood. Did I mention this is all FREE?

Here is where North Avondale needs your help.

  • We need volunteers to help organize the events.

* This doesn’t mean you have to be the one participating in the event although you can do that too if you want.

  • We need people with various talents;

*  someone to work our social media venues,

*  help manage/organize several events,

*  scheduling events

*  pick-up/delivery of equipment when needed,

*  recruitment of team players,

* judging.

If you can volunteer a few hours of your time for any part of these fun events, please contact Ken Brawner (Revel Ct), North Avondale Captain via the NANA email.


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