Cincy Neighborhood Games

So you have been watching the Olympic Trials on TV. I bet you’ve said to yourself “I wish I could compete in some of those events”. Well you can. At least the Cincy Neighborhood Games version.

You didn’t make it for one of the elimination trials held in North Avondale and you still want to join in? Well, you can. The games are now open to everyone who still wants to participate. All you have to do is register up to the day before the event and let me know beforehand and you’re in.

The Opening Ceremonies and Parade of Neighborhoods will be Saturday July 9 at 6:30 at Washington Park. (across from Music Hall).  There will be food trucks, music and a DJ there so all can have fun. There is a parking garage under the park but it might be crowded. We will be led by a North Avondale Girl Scout carrying our custom made flag as we march behind her. All are welcome to participate in the parade.

Then the following week will be the actual games where the best of each neighborhood will compete against each other. Most events will be held on Saturday July 16 at Yeatman’s Cove. We have 13 of the events covered so far.  Only 3 other neighborhoods have more coverage than us.  North Avondale really has a legitimate chance to win everything.  Please talk this up with your friends and recruit more participants.

Check out to learn about the opening ceremonies, Events Schedule of all the finals.

You know you want to play!

Ken Brawner, Captain North Avondale Cincy Neighborhood Games


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