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With a baby on the way, a Cincinnati couple is on the hunt for a home that will fit their entire family, including their pet pig, Penelope. On top of that, they want to limit the search to vintage homes rich with history and original details.

Wednesday Sep 7, 10pm and Thursday Sep 8, 1am

šHistoric Belvedere Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Built in 1926 as Cincinnati’s first high rise luxury apartment building

The Belvedere, one of Cincinnati’s historic treasures located at the corner of Rose Hill Avenue and Clinton Springs in North Avondale, celebrates its 90th anniversary in September. Residents of the building plan to celebrate with an anniversary party on Saturday, September 17.

The Belvedere was the first apartment building of its type in the nation when it was built by Frank Messer and Jacob Warm of the Ohio Building and Construction Company in 1925/26. The 12-story cast-in-place concrete building with brick-and-limestone exterior was created in the Second Renaissance Revival style. (Historic photo courtesy of JDL Warm Construction.)

The result was a rock-solid building with 84 condos (1500 sq. ft. on average) on 11 floors. It has a gorgeous lobby decorated by famous Cincinnati mural painter H.H. Wessel, a roof garden providing space for parties featuring vistas of just about the whole city, and many surprising and clever details.

For example, there is no north side to the building, just a north corner, assuring that every condo catches some sunshine. It has four elevators and four staircases.

Most surprisingly, it is constructed to be fireproof, and not only through the materials used. The building’s layout looks like a somewhat crooked H, its two sides completely separated from each other, except through lobby, basement and roof garden. If a fire broke out in one of the units, residents could use two staircases either up or down to escape their side of the building.

The Belvedere was a luxury apartment building for many years before it was sold in 1980 to an investment group which converted it to condos over five years. The property is now managed by Towne Properties.

For more about the history of the Belvedere please visit the Friends of the Belvedere Facebook page.

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