Cincy Neighborhood Games And the winner is… NORTH AVONDALE

Well, we didn’t finish with the most medals nor did we win in every event that we participated in.  But we did participate in most of the events and we won medals in most of the events where we participated.  The week of July 10 started the finals and culminated on Saturday July 16.  Highlights included the youth Tug-of-War team winning in a matter of seconds. The agony was felt when Team 2 of the Supersize Jenga team worked on their tower for 40 minutes only to have a blast of wind knock over the 5′ tower that had been built. We lost by a coin toss. The participation was great. That makes North Avondale a winner in the first Cincy Neighborhood Games.  The participants included: Adam Barone (3), Allison Smith, Braden Alexander (1), Bridget McComas, Dan Alexander (1), Haylee Alexander (2), Heather Alexander (1), Ian Smith, Jennifer Cronk, Jerome Stallworth (2), Ken Brawner, Kenn Tatum, Mark McComas, Marvin Masterson (1), Maura Wolf, Olivia Wolf, Ryan Alexander (4), Susan Carr, Tiffani Trimble-Mitchum, Tim Meyer, Dawn Grace (1), Tina Dyehouse, Tyler Wolf (3), Weston Wolf (2) and Will Carr (2). The number after each name indicates how many individual medals each person won (22). The official count was done by how many events earned medals and that is 12. Three neighborhoods earned more event medals than North Avondale but we are still winners. Out of 52 neighborhoods, that isn’t too shabby. It was a blast!

Ken Brawner, Captain   

Editor’s Note: Thank you Ken for chairing this event and to everyone who participated!  See pictures throughout newsletter.


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