Fall ReLeaf

Fall ReLeaf – Free Trees Available From The City!!!

The annual ReLeaf program began in 1988 with a mission to provide trees for homeowners who either have lawns that are too narrow to be planted by Urban Forestry or for those with conflicting utility service structures. The program has expanded to include schools, community areas, and other public green spaces. Eligible participants are provided a tree to plant in their front yard, providing the beauty and energy-saving benefits street trees bring. Funding from Duke Energy and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation allows us to provide the trees to Cincinnati property owners at no cost to them. To date, we have given away more than 18,000 trees.

If you are interest in participating in the ReLeaf program, please go to the below link to see program guidelines, tree selection, and the application.

The information and tree descriptions for ReLeaf 2015 are on our website. http://cincinnatiparks.com/index.php/urbanforestry


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