šCincinnati Bell Problems:

NANA has received complaints concerning Cincinnati Bell’s Fioptics Internet or lack thereof. No matter how long one has used Cincinnati Bell, it is impossible to find out when one will get it and where it is already available in the neighborhood. SO, I am asking for your help. If you are or were a Cincinnati Bell customer, please let me know via where you live and:

  1. If you already have Fioptics Internet.
  • Are you happy with it?
  1. If you do not have Fioptics Internet.
  • Have tried to find out when you will get it?
  • If you have been frustrated in your dealings with Cincinnati Bell
  • Does your internet work fine without the Fioptics Internet?
  1. If you were a Cincinnati Bell customer but left because of the above problem, please let me know too.

If we do this together, we may get it accomplished and if not maybe we can go together to Cable and get a better deal!


Temporary signs are not allowed to be posted, affixed, attached and/or placed by any person on or over the public right-of-way, public easements, or upon any utility pole, fencing, tree, shrub, railroad crossing, or lighting system. Cincinnati City Municipal Code 9-37.070 C. 10. If you see them while out and about, please remove them., (a crow bar works, especially if you are short!)

Charlene Morse (Burton Woods Lane)

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