Many North Avondale Residents have recently reached out to NANA in regards to the POTENTIAL ZONING RELIEF for the house located 3980 Rose Hill at that is currently PENDING FOR SALE.

The applicant is not asking for a full Zoning Change but for a Zoning Relief as they are only applying for Conditional Use Permit (CUP) approval (case number is ZH20210087) for a “Convent and Monastery” under the existing SF-20 regulations to house 7-10 members of the religious order at the property. The use would not limit the property to the same 7-10 members, as some priests may leave while others join.

The Conditional Use approval would allow the use only as a Convent and Monastery, which is specifically defined as a “group dwelling for members of religious orders.” If the current applicants sell the property in the future, the property could be used by another religious organization as a Covent and Monastery, but would not allow any other uses other than what is permitted in the SF-20 District by right (primarily single-family residential). Check out the  General SF-20 Zoning Information from the City.

Doug Owens in the Zoning Department is the Case Manager working with the prospective purchaser on their application. He did confirm that the CUP does not expire or cancel out when the owner who obtained that permit sells. The only way it can cancel is if the property has been “abandoned” or left unoccupied for a one year (365 day) period. He also confirmed that, given the requested/intended purpose of this application being for the housing of priests in a number which exceeds the five people unrelated allowed, going forward, the only way the CUP could be used is for that of a convent or monastery. There is no other used allowed.

Bed and Breakfasts are not permitted uses in the SF-20. Also, please note that the approval for a Convent and

Monastery will not allow Transitional Housing, which is prohibited in the district. The applicants have not asked for this use and it is not under consideration for approval as part of this request. Transitional Housing would not be permitted, whether by the applicants or a future buyer, unless a Zone Change or Use Variance is requested, which would require an additional hearing and would likely not be supported by Zoning Staff.

The July 7th hearing at 2:00pm will be conducted via Zoom. Anyone that wishes to speak at the Zoom hearing must register 2 days in advance at the following link:

Anyone that would like to follow the hearing, but not speak may view the hearing via YouTube at the following link:

The city said that one can email the Zoning Hearing Examiner David Sturkey at to share one’s perspective, but all emails must be received prior to the hearing (July 7th at 2 pm) to be considered part of the official record. Include Case # ZH20210087 in your email.

If you have further questions regarding the proposed Zoning Relief, feel free to reach out to Doug Owen at 352.2441 or .

At this time NANA cannot take any particular stance on this issue without Neighborhood Engagement (and potentially a neighborhood vote) at the next NANA General Meeting on July 13th.

From The Priests:

Dear Neighbor:

Thank you to everyone who came out to meet us at 3980 Rose Hill this past week. It was good to get to see the diversity and vibrancy of the community in person. We are looking forward to being a part of the community if the city approves our request for the necessary Conditional Use Permit.

One of you asked us what exactly a Conditional Use Permit is and so we thought it might be useful to everyone to know what exactly we are requesting from the city and why.

As a community of 7-10 Catholic missionaries who live together in community while serving over 30 communities of faith throughout the Ohio Valley, we exceed the 5 or less non-blood related persons who are permitted to reside in a single-family home without special permission from the city. Hence, we are required to request from the city a Conditional Use Permit to utilize the property as a residence for our priests.

This Conditional Use Permit is NOT a zoning change, which modifies the legal status of the property (i.e. changing it to multi-family housing, commercial usage, transitional housing, etc.). On the contrary, we do not desire to change the zoning status of the property and for that reason we are requesting only a Conditional Use Permit which allows us to utilize the single-family home as a residence for our priests without affecting its zoning status. Conditional Use Permits can only be granted by the city if the requested use is one of those officially permitted for the property in question according to the Municipal Code of Cincinnati. In the case of the property at 3980 Rose Hill only 3 usages are permitted by municipal code and one of these is that of Convent/Monastery.

Hence, we are petitioning the city to grant us a Conditional Use Permit to utilize the home at 3980 Rose Hill as a convent for our community of priests.

Should the city see fit to grant us this permit than we look forward to being a part of the vibrant community we got a taste of this past week.

In case any of you would like to learn more about our community and our ministry throughout the Ohio Valley here is the link to our local website

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at  or 

Thank you again to everyone who came out to meet us this past week.


Fr John Bullock, LC & Br Ryan Carlin, LC 

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