Road Construction In North Avondale

  • There is going to be a roundabout at Dana & Clinton Springs
  • Construction should continue on the roundabout for another 3 weeks. Landscaping in the island should immediately follow.
  • The construction of the roundabout will be completed in two phases that will require separate traffic restrictions. A map of the first phase is attached. This phase closes Clinton Springs Avenue between Dana Avenue and Reading Road. This traffic pattern is already in place and should remain for approximately another week, depending on weather.
  • The second phase should take approximately 2 weeks. The traffic restrictions are as follows: Clinton Springs will be closed to southbound traffic between Reading Road and Dana Avenue. Dana Avenue will be closed to westbound traffic between Clinton Springs Avenue and Reading Road. The northbound left turn restriction at Clinton Springs Avenue and Reading Road will be lifted during this phase.
  • Curb work on Mitchell
  • Curb work and paving on Clinton Springs
  • Rebuild the retaining wall on the north side of Clinton Springs across from the play fields.
  • Other small curb and road fixes have been going on through the Stop Investiture Repair Program. Thank you for the work on Avondale Ave.!
  • The project construction schedule:
  • The final surface course is scheduled to be placed the week of December 14th. Leading up to this is the wall repair at Clinton Springs near Leyman and casting adjustments.
  • There will be a punch list of items not completed by that date that will be completed in the spring.


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