President’s Message

Dear neighbors,

I want to start this letter by thanking Emily Harten, Bridget McComas and the beautification committee for not only organizing one spring cleanup day for North Avondale, but two this year. You can read about their successful event on April 2nd (page 2), which was also supported by 100 UC students, focused on litter pick up from our neighborhood streets. As we are all admiring North Avondale in full spring bloom, it also becomes obvious that there is a significant need for some clean up in certain areas. So for everyone who missed this first event, please join us for the 2nd one on April 30th, which is more focused on maintenance and beautification of our park spaces.

The summer season banners are also up in the business district, and they look great! A big thanks to Maura Wolf for organizing this.

On the topic of open spaces in North Avondale, NANA, under the leadership of board member Dana Winn, has put in place and funded a Vacant Lot program. NANA will partner with the city to clean up 10+ vacant lots in North Avondale and have the grass cut regularly throughout the summer months. This will be a 2016 pilot program which should make these properties less of an eyesore and potential hazard for the neighbors, and overall improve the look and feel of the neighborhood. If successful, NANA will consider expanding the scope of the program going forward.

I also would like to mention a special project presented at the March NANA general meeting. The historical flower pot pillars defining the entrance to the neighborhood on the corner of Mitchell Avenue and Red Bud have been severely damaged by weather, wear and tear, and ultimately from a couple of car accidents to the point that one pillar in particular is about to fall apart. Given the beauty of the flower pot pillars and the historical symbolic significance to the neighborhood, a neighborhood group, supported by NANA, has been formed to lead a repair and restoration project. The group will need to seek monetary support from the neighbors to finance this. To donate: go to the NANA Website, About, Donate and check Other and write Pillars to support this effort.

As we approach May, and the NANA Annual Meeting on the 22nd, the Nominating Committee for the 2016-17 board is actively working the officer slate. If anyone is interested in being nominated for the NANA Executive board, or have good suggestions for candidates, please contact the committees chairman Marvin Masterson. They are in particular looking for a new treasurer and recording secretary.

In the meantime, please visit our website to learn more about NANA.

Hanne Loken Larsen


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