Dear neighbors,

The NANA annual meeting will be held on Sunday May 22nd from 3-5pm. The meeting will be held at the new, state of the art training facility of LADD, just off Victory Parkway. Leading up to the meeting, North Avondale will also hold qualifying events for the Cincy Neighborhood Games, so it should be a fun Sunday afternoon for our neighborhood. Please note the date.

Approaching term limit, this is my last message as President of NANA, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the neighborhood for the opportunity to serve and represent North Avondale these past two years.

I also want to share a couple of observations. First, as the task of managing NANA initially seemed daunting, it has turned out to be such a positive experience. North Avondale is very lucky to have a relatively stable team of very capable volunteers, which keeps the continuity intact under the oversight of the board. Our monthly general meetings are also enlightening with strong participation, engaged discussions, and due process. And last, but not least, our neighbors are very civic minded and helpful and practically never say no when asked to help. This is invaluable. Thank you to everyone who said yes every time!

Second, North Avondale has gotten a significant number of new neighbors over the past couple of years, who really appreciate the beauty of our winding streets, the historical architecture, and families who enjoy the size of some of our homes. Often we even see families moving from one house to another within the neighborhood. Fortunately, instead of just going on with their busy lives, they also come to the NANA meetings with great ideas and a willingness to contribute. This is what drives the vitality of a community! It confirms the desirability of our neighborhood, both geographically and socially, and makes me confident North Avondale will continue to be the gem of a neighborhood that we can all love and appreciate today and tomorrow.

As the term for the current board concludes, please join me in expressing much appreciation to the 2015-2016 Executive Board: Michael Caporale, 1st Vice President; Marvin Masterson, 2nd Vice President; Dana Winn, 3rd Vice President; Tiffani Tribble, Recording Secretary; Carolyn Harten, Corresponding Secretary; Tom Wright, Treasurer; and to our Committee Chairs: Emily Harten and Bridget McComas, Beautification; Teresa Harten, Health and Wellness; Marvin Masterson and Michelle Baxter, Law and Safety; Pauline Daly, Education and Housing; and John Jones (past NANA President and Treasurer), Neighborhood Issues. And a special thank you to Maura Wolf (past NANA President and Treasurer), who is chairing  Strategic Development and serves as the NANA/NABA Liaison, for continuing to successfully work for the betterment of our business district and countless other matters, J Miles Wolf, NABA President, and Charlene Morse, our fantastic News Editor. Also, thanks to our committee members and general volunteers for continuing to make North Avondale the best address in Cincinnati!

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the annual meeting, and in the meantime, please visit our website for general info, committee updates, and to pay your NANA dues online.

 Hanne Løken Larsen


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