President’s Message

Dear neighbors,

Last month, I advised that Mayor John Cranley included in his budget $750,000 for the redevelopment of the city owned lot located at 3916 Reading Road and $450,000 for the City of Cincinnati to purchase the Alaska property in Avondale. I am very pleased to advise that the Cincinnati City Council unanimously approved both line items. There are several people that we must thank beginning with Mayor John Cranley and Councilman Christopher Smitherman for their leadership and support. We must also thank the entire Cincinnati City Council for approving the line items. Finally, we must thank the NANA and Avondale 29 Members identified below for advocating on behalf of the budget line items and attending/testifying at the city council budget hearings. I was very pleased to work in concert with these individuals concerning this important matter: Maura Wolf, Linda Thomas, Marvin Kraus, Gerry Kraus, Michael Caporale, Nina Caporale, Tina Dyehouse, Dana Winn, J Miles Wolf, Vanessa Wong, Johnie Davis, Tommy Neil, Kenneth Davis, Brenda Grier, Candra Evans, Sharon Hampton, Yvonne Fender, Carletta Emery, Melvin Grier, Janice Fields, and Ron Evans.

In order to educate our association about the budget process, Cincinnati’s Budget Director, Chris Bigham, will be our speaker at our July General Meeting to provide us with a briefing on the budget that recently passed and to discuss the timeline for next year’s budget process.

On another note, I am writing to request that we support Ken Brawner, our Cincinnati Games Captain, and the NANA Cincinnati Games participants at the Cincinnati Games Opening Ceremonies on July 9th at 6:30 pm in Washington Park and on Saturday July 16 at Yeatman’s Cove. We will forward an email blast during the week of July 11th confirming the July 16th event times. Let’s show our NANA spirit by supporting our NANA Team! (see next column for article)

Additionally, we hope you and your families had an enjoyable Fourth of July Weekend. As a result of the inclement weather, we canceled the parade and have rescheduled it for Labor Day. We have an amazing Planning Committee that consists of the following NANA members: Michelle Baxter, Jennifer Cronk, Reg Crutcher, Marybeth Flaspohler, Carolyn Gillman, Suzanne Gosson, and Tiffani Tribble. The committee has some exciting plans for our youth so we look forward to seeing you and your families on Labor Day.

Finally, I would like to close my comments by stating that June 12th was my birthday, the same day as the horrific massacre that occurred at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida. In light of this tragedy, I was unable to proceed with celebratory birthday plans. However, as I reflect on the incident, I am very grateful that we live in a diverse and inclusive neighborhood. Thank you for being great neighbors!

Marvin Masterson



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