Dear Neighbors:

We hope that you and your families are having a great summer!  In June, our Party in the Park Friendraiser was a major success. It was a wonderful to see diverse members of our community engaging with each other and having a good time enjoying the music and children’s activities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the individuals listed below who helped ensure the success of our event.

Tim Adams ● Kelley Bagayoko ● Michelle & Darren Baxter ● Ken Brawner ● Nina & Michael Caporale ● Jennifer Cronk ● Tim Franklin ● John Jones ● Captain Mack and Police detail ● Marvin Masterson ● Charlene Morse ● Charlie McGinnis ● Brendan McGinnis ● Steve & Anne Mergle ● Wendy O’Neal ● Tiffani N Tribble ● Cincinnati Park Staff: Lou Sand, Pam Wilson ● Baxter Burial Vaults for the tents (especially Darren who put them all up then down!) ● Aikido of Cincinnati for the tables and chairs ● Cincinnati Circus   Family Treats and Grill on Wheels Food Trucks ●Bands: Swan Zac Morgan

Finally, for those neighbors who lost power on July 7th, we hope you that you power has been restored.

  Marvin Masterson 

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