President’s Message


I am pleased that we made it through the arctic freeze of late December and early January. I can’t believe that it is February already!

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to congratulate our neighbors who won their elections in November 2017. Each of these individuals are very committed to improving the quality of life for all city residents and I am very pleased to be able to them “neighbor”.

I would like to begin with recognizing Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman. Vice Mayor Smitherman has been very helpful to our neighborhood by leading the effort to obtain $750K for the Avondale, Barry and Reading Road vacant lot, $30K to help stabilize the mansion at the corner of Reading Road and Lenox, resources to improve pedestrian safety in NANA’s business district and $450k for the City of Cincinnati to acquire the vacant property on Alaska Avenue. Vice Mayor Smitherman chairs the Council’s Law and Public Safety Committee and he serves on the Council’s Budget and Finance, Neighborhoods and Economic Growth and Zoning Committees.  He can be contacted via email at or telephone at 513.352.2464.

Next, we would like to recognize our neighbor, City Council Member Wendell Young. A native of Cincinnati, Air Force Vet, retired police officer and educator, Councilman Young has been a strong advocate on community issues such a crime and safety.  He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Neighborhoods Committee and an active member on Budget and Finance, Major Projects & Smart Growth and the Education, Innovation and Growth Committees. I am pleased that he is back at work fighting on our behalf and recovering well from his recent illness. Councilman Young can be contacted via email at or telephone at 513.352.3466.

Finally, I would like to recognize our neighbor, Ryan Messer, on being elected to the Board of Education for Cincinnati Public Schools. Ryan’s role is very important as he and his school board colleagues will be setting policy to ensure that our youth receive an excellent education.  Ryan is the Chair of the Board’s Finance Committee and he also serves as the Board’s liaison to Preschool Promise. Ryan can be contacted via email at or telephone at 513.633.0171. We are very excited that Ryan will be our Keynote Speaker at NANA’s General Body Meeting on February 13, 2018.

Additionally, it is important to note that it has truly been an honor to serve our neighborhood as a member and officer of NANA. I have met some wonderful people and neighbors while serving in this capacity.  At this time,  I must share that effective February 16, 2018, I will be resigning as NANA President as I will be relocating to Austin, Texas. I would like to thank the elected NANA Board and Committee Chairs:  Tiffani Tribble, Michael Caporale, Yvonne Fender, Hanne Løken Larsen, Jennifer Cronk, Ken Brawner, Emily Harten, John Jones, Maura Wolf, Pauline Daley and David Emery. I also would like to thank Charlene Morse, our NANA News Editor, Carolyn Gillman, Block Watch Leader, Nina Caporale, Blake Williams, North Avondale Recreation Center Director, Officer Lori Hamann, our District 4 Liaison and of course all of our neighbors.

I am very excited about our neighbors who are participating on NANA’s Standing Committees and the Reading Road and Pedestrian Safety Ad Hoc Committees.  It is great to see new neighbors getting involved in these important matters.

As Diversity is NANA’s strength, please continue to recruit and engage new neighbors as growth occurs by encouraging participating from all in the community.  NANA will continue to grow and be even more formidable by utilizing the strength of all who live in this amazing community.

Finally, I would like to thank Tiffani Tribble for completing my term as President. I am very appreciative of her willingness to serve in this manner.

I wish you continued success and happiness and again, thank you for your support!

  Marvin Masterson


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