Dear Neighbors,

As the 2017-2018 NANA Board nears the end of its term, I’d like to thank the elected officials, Ken Brawner, Yvonne Bush Fender, Michael Caporale, Jennifer Cronk and Hanne Løken Larsen, for their time and effort this year, as we could not have accomplished anything without you. Additionally, I’d like to thank the numerous community liaisons that have worked tirelessly to support the mission of NANA – your participation in community meetings and events is greatly appreciated. (see page 8 for a list of committees and liaisons)

A special thank you goes to Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman and his Chief of Staff, Michelle Edwards. They moved swiftly and decisively to close the Lenox Building – 3915 Reading Road – after a complaint was made last week. While the situation is ongoing, we appreciate their willingness and ability to not only listen to the concerns of our neighbors, but act. Their support has not gone unnoticed. (see page 4 under “From The Police” for more information).


A “shameless” plug: NANA is in desperate need of new ideas and new faces – in other words, NANA needs Y-O-U. If I have learned anything while serving on the Board over the last three years, it is that this organization and community need to hear from more than a few people – do not let the few speak for the many. BE THE CHANGE! I encourage each of you (but especially those new to the neighborhood) to attend a monthly meeting, join a committee, or join the Board in the near future. Our diversity is our strength; let’s use it to our advantage. Stay open to the idea of participation from those you may not yet know – that person may hold the key that unlocks the door to NANA’s future success.

Wishing you a wonderful spring and summer!

  Tiffani N. Tribble


I would like to thank Tiffani Tribble for fulfilling the remainder of my term as President of NANA. Tiffani is very dedicated and deeply cares about NANA. As a Leader during these times, she continues to raise the issue of diversity and inclusion and I applaud her for it. Thank you for your leadership, Tiffani!

Marvin Masterson


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